Automaton Command Mapping depending on entity selected?

I have 2 Automation Commands, one to “Create New Customer” and one to “Edit Customer”

How would I have it so the Create New Customer would show if no customer is selected and the Edit Customer shows when a customer IS selected?

is it even possible?

Do I have to create a state?

The Automation Command Mapping has parameters for Enabled States and Visible States. These values dictate when/how a button is displayed in common areas such as Ticket, Order, Payment, etc. So if your button is mapped to a common area, you will need States to control it.

However, the Mappings have no effect on an Automation Command Button Widget on a Custom/Layout Entity Screen. That is controlled by the Widget Settings.

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No its an actual button on the ticket i need to map. It opens a pop up to display other buttons relevant to the operation.

Thanks, ill carry on with this now see how I get on

If I understand you should just be able to use entity name for that entity type tag/expression as a constraint for is null or is not null to tell wether there is an entity selected of that type.


Ive tried creating new entity states but having no luck at the moment, it doesn’t show them?

How do you mean use entity name for that entity type?

Where is this command?
How do you mean entity selected?
If selected relates to ticket you can just do {ENTITY NAME:xxx} and if selected for ticket will have value, if not or no ticket will be null.

It’s 1 automation command button. Only want it visible if a customer entity is selected.

Where is it? On pos/ticket screen?
You’ll need to set a ticket state as part of an entity changed rule.
I have one for each entity type which sets a state of eg RoomSelected=True.
That one I use to change an account post or room post button, by setting a state of false on ticket created and mapping account post to that state and the room post to true.

Ok that’s where I was going wrong. I was setting entity state

Yes it’s in the ticket

Yer you need ticket state for mapping to there.
You’ll need to use entity changed.
Also remember to include flow for entity removed just encase.

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Awesome, if only I used ticket state in the first place would have done this hours ago lol.

All done and working as expected. Thx