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I have to install Samba on another computer for back up use.
I am using compact version 4.0 on stand alone windows 7 machine.
Will the back up contain all the printer templates, etc.
that I can transfer to other machine?(no network involved here)

Also, is there a simple refund button somewhere? Say, if the customer has already
paid and wants a refund? I saw several options that look really hard to do. ( not a techie person)

Thank you,

Yes, the DB contains everything important.

Not natively. You need to build one.

@emre put this together:

I didn’t like the way the Accounting turned out in the above method, so I use this method instead:

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Thank you. I just realized I have not updated and the new machine will download latest version. So my back up will different version if I do not update first.

Correct. This can cause issues sometimes, but it is easy to fix.

You can restore an older-version DB to an newer version of SambaPOS, but in order for it to work properly, you may need to re-install the more-recent version of SambaPOS so that it can upgrade the DB during installation and initial Login.

You can not down-grade the DB to an older version, unless you have a DB backup from that old version. I can’t think of any reason to do so anyway, because any transactional data (Sales) that you have done since that backup will be lost.

:exclamation: GOOD ADVICE: make a backup before altering anything, and label it clearly with the date, time and SambaPOS version.
:heavy_exclamation_mark: BETTER ADVICE: make 2 :wink:

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Hello again,

I have the compact version with SQ database. When I tried to update I got really confused. It looks like I would have to pick a different kind of database.
So I hit cancel. Not sure what do to. I am using stand alone machine. Which options do I pick?
Please help, I am so lost here.


@paulabrown421 I am going to recommend you switch from Compact Version to a SQL Database install. Compact version uses the .sdf files and it seems easier at first but in reality all your left with is a version that can not do all the same things the SQL install can. Compact edition has limited capability and will not grow with your business like a SQL install will.

I think it is about time to create an updated Tutorial on SQL Express installation and syncing it with SambaPOS. I am writing one now for SQL Express 2014. There is so much more you can do with SQL Express and Management Console as well. Hopefully I can finish it soon there are multiple screenshots etc I need to capture.

PS: The version you choose on install really does not matter as much you will not break it. You will simply need to fix your Local Settings Connection string if you accidentally change it. If your using Compact Edition this means you can simply link that .sdf file which is typically located in C:\Users\Youruser\MyDocuments\SambaPOS folder.

However what version are you running now? If you know for sure you built yours on the Compact Edition then just uncheck the Local DB install and be sure Compact 4 is selected you can select the sample data if you want it will not impact anything. But like I said if your just upgrading to a newer version it does not matter and if it does change the connection string you can just change it back and your database will reappear.

EDIT: If you do decide to switch we would need to help you convert from .sdf to a SQL install. This is not overly complicated but it does require a little work.

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She’s using sql local Db


Ok so she was probably confused by the Compact Install and Custom Install options. In this case she would need to unselect Compact SQL 4.0 and select SQL Server Local DB.


OK so I’ve deleted my post. It will probably auto select fine but it will be better to check that.

  • SQL Server Local DB should be selected.
  • Compact SQL 4.0 should be unselected.
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Where the local Db files located?

What do you mean by files? SQL Express is not a single file system like .sdf is with Compact Edition. So you do not copy paste files to backup etc like you would CE.

For example, SQL SERVER FILES located here
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SAMBAPOS4\MSSQL\DATA
Where the local Db files located?

It should be the same just different name for instance. You would not need these files for backup however.

Yes I now I just was queues :wink:

I am writing a nice updated tutorial for SQL Express 2014 including how to migrate CE to it and how to update from local install or older versions. Should be done soon.

It would be great and very useful to many people

@pizzaeilat4 localdb files located under C:\Users\[Your User Name]


Thanks for that clarification.


I deleted post instead of edit.

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to install sambos on back up computer WIN7 installing sql
No network. It is doing the error beep on start up. I see the start up screen.
It never loads. I uninstalled. Reinstalled, same thing. Anyone know what is going on?

Thanks Again,

You installed sambapos on localDb mode?Can you share a screen shot of the error?