Backup and restore

good evening everyone
I work on several catering sites. to make changes, I make backups and restores. since this morning, when I try to restore a database I receive the following message (it’s in French) but here is the translation: sql does not have the right of access to the backup directory C: \ Users \ user \ Desktop. in addition to this error, I was no longer able to restore (I receive a message like: access to the path C: \ Users \ user \ Desktop \ log.txt is denied).
need help please

It is exactly what it says.
If same as before not sure what would have changed but windows is quite protective of users directory.
Make a backups folder in root of c drive and do from there.

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Just create a backup folder directly on the C:\ drive.


C:\SambaPOS5 Backups

Place your database .zip files in here and restore through SambaPOS.