Bad has happened error message

Can someone help me

I’ve checked Samba on the POS this morning and it hasnt done a Web update for 2 days, now I am getting a Bad has happened error message

You are going to have to share some more than just that so we can understand what’s going on here.

Where do you see this error message? Can you post a screenshot please?

Can you clarify exactly what you mean here? Are you using online ordering integration - if so which one? Or is it something else?

@pauln is this someone using a setup by you? I searched forum for “bad has happened” and it came up with a post about a script you made…

@Sarah if what I guess is correct, this is due to a custom setup made by the reseller you purchased SambaPOS from. You will need to contact the reseller you purchased from for help with this as it’s not anything to do with the normal SambaPOS setup.

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Thank you it has sorted itself out I suspect its our IT guys who have logged in remotely

Appreciate your reply :slight_smile:

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Hey @markjw
Thanks for the call out, yes sounds like some of my JS code out in the field falling down an impossible trap…

Just checking in with my team to see if we know the site.