Bar operations versus Restaurant operations

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New to SambaPOS and like what I see. I have a number of clients who would be interested in using this product in Bars. I cannot understand how a general till would operate - everywhere I look I see tables set for Restaurants which is of no use to me?

Could someone very kindly direct me to resources I can follow up to see how to set up as a general POS till for a Bar?

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try this
It will give you a good idea on how to setup

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Manage > Settings > Departments > [Department Name]

Set Ticket Creation Method to Create Ticket

This setting has the effect of allowing you to create Tickets without choosing an Entity (i.e. a Table or Customer).

Keep in mind though, you cannot close or “park” a Ticket (tab) without assigning an Entity to the Ticket. Instead, you must Settle the Ticket.

An Entity can be anything you want. When we refer to Tables or Customers, or Employees, or even Suppliers, these are all types of Entities.

If you are in the habit of Settling Tickets immediately, you won’t need Entities. But if you want to keep a “Tab” of Orders to be Settled later, you must assign some type of Entity to the Ticket so that you can close or park the Ticket.

In your case, the Entity could be an Employee, a server, a cashier… or it could be more akin to a Customer or Table. You could have a “Tabs” Entity Type whose Entities have names like Tab01, Tab02, etc.

I have a bar setup, its not fully complete but youll get the idea with playing with it

It has these features:
Switch user - handy for fast transactions where current users transaction is saved whilst another logs on to do a sale. When original user log back in their transaction appears to be completed

Age check button - press and it displays a box showing the date of birth required to be old enough to buy alcohol, currently set as 18 years old

Age check prompt - when the first restricted product (alcohol, cigarettes etc) is added to ticket you are prompted to enter customers DOB, if date entered is younger than legal age required thentransaction will cancel, if DOB entered is of legal age transaction will continue. This is set on an item basis in the product setup by typing True in the age restricted field

Auto assign cashier to ticket - when cashier logs in they are assigned as the entity on the ticket when the first item is added

Park sale - can be used as cashier is auto assigned to ticket, simply press and transaction is parked and can be recalled by scanning barcode on receipt that prints, by keying in the transaction number or by going to manager functions and selecting recall parked sales to select the transaction from a list of parked sales. This could be easily modified to be called create tab and have an extra action in to create or select existing customer to assign to ticket, when this customer is added the tab is “parked”. An additonal button could be mapped to ticket screen for recall tab to edit and eventually settle. (This would be my recall parked sale button re-labelled and mapped to ticket screen)

Display product picture - useful if serving food and customer wants to see an image if the food, this again is set up in the product set up by putting the image location path in the image field. When product is selected and the product image button pressed the image will open

Cocktail Recipe - Add the cocktail/shot to the ticket, select it and press recipe button to display a box with the cocktail or shot recipe, again this is set up for each individual product in the product settings

I will make a couple of amendments to make the bar tab setup clearer and remove the park sale wording and post my database for you to look at

Hope that will help with ur setup :slight_smile:

Thank you Rick

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Thank you

I will take the time to go through this and see if I understand it

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