Bar system with user accounts


We need a bar system where each person has his own account where they can put money on. It should be possible for the bar people to charge money off that account and to “reload” the user accounts with money. So they will have to choose the customer (would be ideal if there were bar people can choose the customer through a list with tabs, each user is part of a certain group, only around 40 different customers).
Would also be cool to use NFC cards for each user.

Would this be possible with SambaPOS? Had a look at it but it’s a bit complex for me with many functions we don’t need.


Short answer is yes it can be done!

Samba is a great piece of software that can be adapted to suit your own setup, customisable to pretty much however you want!

There is a great deal of support from the forum on here to gain ideas, help and guidance. In terms of the accounts it is doable but you will need to read up on the accounts system in samba, search the forum using the search option in the top right corner and search for customer accounts or similar and read up as much as you can and shout out any questions.

I dont use customer accounts so cant help you with that setup but im sure others have a similar setup they could share with you :smile:
I would assume NCF cards would work, barcode readers and mag cards do but having not tested
NCF cards i cannot give a definite answer

hope some of that helps :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks! I’ll take a better look at the advanced options from sambapos :slight_smile: