Barcode Question

@emre, Hello Emre, I have successfully implemented Samba POS on a supermarket environment, Your EBT solution has being outstanding on the handling of such payments and removing the correct amount on all transactions. There has been only a simple problem that maybe you can do your “Magic” to help us. Since the amount of items in this kind of environment is over 15,000, Is there a possibility to implement a barcode scan search on the Product List Screen in order to make changes to items.

Again Thanks for an Awesome POS Software Capable of adapting to must Users needs and the Hard Work of all Team Members.

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With next version you’ll be able to search as barcode:xyz or barcode=xyz. Use : symbol for partial search and = for exact match.

@emre Great news!! Once implemented i’ll send you a video of the store operations.

Thanks for your hard work.