Basic Quick Service/Takeout-Only Database


Basic Quick Service/Takeout-Only Database
(Cash Float, Fast Payment, Auto Rounding, Customer Display, Kitchen Display, Void and Refund (Cancel Ticket Payment) Journal, Dropbox Backup Functions)

SambaPOS4 Configured Screenshots.pdf (6.3 MB)
[UPDATED: 07/23] (537.7 KB)
[UPDATED: 07/23]

Template (0723).zip (8.9 KB)
[UPDATED: 07/23]

I am proud to share my pre-configured database for basic quick service/takeout-only. This program is so comprehensive and the community behind it is second to none. I would like to specifically thank @emre, @kendash, @JTRTech, and @RickH for their assistance.

I believe this database is functional, if not very very close to functional. I hope others just learning SambaPOS can use this as a stepping stone. For others, I would much appreciate any analysis or feedback.


  • Windows 8.1, 2GHz AMD GX-420CA, 240GB SSD, 8GB RAM
  • POS-X 15” Touch Screen Monitor
  • Logic Controls 7” Customer Display
  • POS-X 16” Automatic Cash Drawer
  • POS-X Thermal Receipt Printer
  • POSH POS-108
  • HP 7” Stream Tablet

Required Software:

  • SQL Express 2014
  • SambaPOS 4 / 4.1.82
    Admin-1234, Manager-0002, Cashier-0003, Kitchen-0004

Optional Software:

  • IIS Express (Customer Display)
  • Google Chrome (Customer Display)
  • Dropbox (Backup)


  • [RESOLVED 07/23] Exact Cash Button/Clean Customer Display
  • [RESOLVED 07/27] Kitchen Display: Cannot Clear Order on Second Terminal


Please refer to the attached PDF for detailed screenshots. Feel free to mention or message me for any further comment or details.


Great work Jamie
I will look forward to checking it out in time! Thanks for presenting it to the community.


For anyone using it don’t forget to enable More Ticket Actions module.





thanks for sharing your database but it does not working with me … please advice

i usede SAMBAPOS 4.1.82 BUT i still get message that its not the same daqtabase


please help i tryied my best


You can start with explaining the issue properly. For example you can tell us at what point you receive that message and what that message exactly says.

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