Before switching to v5

before you make the move to v5 would like to know some important things.
-Local SQL DB and can be the path to a pendrive?
-can you reset the store but not the warehouse?
-print templates give me a different result, it has changed some settings?

Can you give an example?

No but you can back up to a pen drive.

Yes if you create the SQL Query to do it. The default task wipes all transaction data including inventory transactions.

Now I’m on holiday I can not send the print template. there is no way to connect the database to a pendrive? how could it be a query to clear the store but not the warehouse?

Not with localdb. With SQL Express you could but it’s not recommended. Performance would not be as good. Why do you want it on a pen drive?

Running SQL off a pendrive is definitely not recommended as @Jesse mentioned.

SD cards/USB flashdrives wear out a lot quicker than traditional storage(HDD/SSD) + with all the read/writes that SQL will perform, you would be at a much higher risk of data corruption.

With that out of the way, is this pendrive going to be permanently connected to the computer or are you looking to move it around multiple machines?

pendrive must always be connected to the PC. I do this for a data security. alternatively there is a way to clear the store but not the warehouse?

If that is your goal then running SQL server on a pen drive is about the worse thing for data integrity. as @JimT mentioned your almost guaranteed to lose data. If its security your worried about then I recommend a portable computer for the terminal.

Yes I gave you that answer already. You would need to create a SQL Query and run that query. No I do not have an example of the query available my SQL skills are limited.