Best practice using gift, void, and discount

What is the best practice for using gift, void, and discount. Originally setup V4 and I didn’t use gift at all. Now I’m setting up V5 and taking a look at everything that I didn’t utilize.

Typically we use discount and void for the following:

-Void: Cancel items, walk-outs, send backs (getting different item), generally corrections
-Discount: Shift Meal (100%), other general customer discounts
-Gift: Not being used

I’m thinking gifts are utilized so that it doesn’t send a void to the kitchen, however is there a reason I should be using gift for 100% discount such as the employee shift meal?

If I start using gift then there will be a minor period of retraining with the staff.


This it’s more a preference.
On a wider reporting front, gift would reflect in gp% on a particular product where as discount wouldn’t be directly linkable to specific orders.
Gift is more 1:1 ie if you said to a customer you will comp this meal because of complaint it will show that order on print as gifted rather than discounting a specific amount.
Discounts are good for say a % off.

There can be more than just those 3 even. We use 2 other discounts Fire & Police, and WRMC. Its really preference. You can delete Gift if you dont want to use it. Or you can edit it to function differently.

Usually Void is used for cancel the order when customer changed their mind since it returns everything back stock.

I usually use accounts to put staff meals on and use discounts for anything else really.

Gift is used to comp or give something for free. You can also use values from the automation command to ask staff a reason why are they voiding or gifting and report it.