Best suitable computer specs for latest version of SambaPOS

Could you please help me identify the specs for the computer for the latest version of SambaPOS. For example

  1. Operating System version
  2. Memeory
  3. Storage
  4. CPU
  5. Anything else that is relevant and can cause some grief
  1. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server editions
  2. If your OS can run on the amount you have then SambaPOS can run.
  3. It has a very small footprint but it all depends on database size. However I can not imagine a database for this exceeding any of the standard size harddrives shipping with PC’s now days.
  4. Any cpu that can run the OS’s listed in #1

Samba is not an intensive program… its very small. the program itself is barely under 12 megabytes. The database is lean and small as well. The only real requirement you should worry about is the operating system. It needs to be windows 7 or later. IF you plan to use RDP services on multiple terminals I recommend Windows Server editions as Windows 7 or Windows 8 does not support multiple concurrent RDP sessions nor were they built to operate as a server.

Decide on how your operation is going to run. Are you going to use multiple terminals and a server… or are you going to only have 1 terminal which will act as server. If you have multiple terminals or are going to use RDP with multiple devices then consider getting a server PC setup with a Windows Server Edition OS. The rest of your terminals can be windows 7 or later or you can use RDP.

As you use the system, the DB will grow according to the number of Transactions you make. I have been running SambaPOS 4.x for about a year and my SQLExpress 2008 x64 DB is ~150 MB. I have a small operation, with 1 Terminal which is the Server itself. Record counts in some of the DB Tables…

[Tickets]                   18187
[Orders]                    37629
[AccountTransactions]       58453 
[AccountTransactionValues] 116906

My “Server” runs Windows 7 x64 and has the following hardware - it runs SambaPOS, Winamp and IIS exclusively, and runs smoothly:

CPU     : Core i3-3220 @ 3.30 GHz (4 core)
RAM     : 8 GB
HDD     : Seagate ST3750640NS 750 GB ES 7200 RPM SATA/300
Video   : ATI Radeon HD 5450
Monitor : Dell SX2210T (HDMI) (optical "touch" via USB)
Printer : Epson TM-T88V via USB
Mouse/KB: Wireless via USB dongle

The “Server” computer is bored really - it runs with 1 eye open and both hands behind its back… zzzzz…

I also run SambaPOS on my laptop (modest Acer with Win7 x64 Home, SQLExpress 2012 x64) when I’m testing new features, and it has no problem at all either, but is quite a bit weaker…

Intel Celeron B820 @ 1.70 GHz (2 core)
Intel HD integrated Graphics
Non-touch display

I recommend the i3 over the Celeron for sure (I do see display updates being slow sometimes on the Celeron - not sure if it’s due to the CPU or GFX - and it only happens when I’m doing a lot of other things on the laptop), but it gives you an idea of how diverse your hardware can be and still run SambaPOS 4.x without hiccups.

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Thank you so much guys, very helpful information.