Best way to handle Special pricing on order tags

So I have been completely stumped on how to handle this complex menu pricing setup.

We have butter milk pancakes item:
Buttermilk Pancakes 5.45

Now we have option for the following choices.

Make it a full breakfast!
With two eggs add 1.30. With your
choice of meat add 2.20. With two eggs
AND your choice of meat add 3.25

The most logical way to approach this would be with order tags however I run into the issue that meat price would be discounted if its added with two eggs also.

I honestly think we could benefit so much from sub orders @emre sub orders would solve this issue and all other issues with complex menus and it would make promotions or meals so much easier on samba pos. Haha sorry to bring back old ideas but I will have to keep buggin you about it because I love it so much :slight_smile:

Configure a ticket level discount representing the difference in price like a multibuy offer.
When I think of offer methodology I like to look at how big boys do it.
Tesco handles it’s offers with ticket level discounts leaving origional prices.
They have lots of equivilent to discount types so each offer is a seperate type of discount which helps make things more manageable/flexable without crazy complex single discount calculation expressions.

I have a tutorial/investigation in to ways of doing more complex discounts on my list - just busy at the moment.
Report order expressions mixed with state and tag parameters should be able to lead to quite complex discount/offer setups given a bit of forethought.

I don’t see it as complex menu here. I see 1 menu item with 3 order tags ( with eggs, with meat, and with eggs and meat). Don’t know if I understand it correctly. :confused:

It’s because the tag combination is cheaper than individual tags on a single product.
It’s either that or different tag groups.
You could have 3 products for the combination offers with corasponding tag groups but this doesn’t help for a smooth flow of they don’t ask for the combo offer to start with and you want it to be automatic based on adding the one product and just adding tags and price calculated accordingly.

Guys I understand that it’s possible to do lol question is can you get the flow right and design something practical that won’t confuse waitresses and also eliminate them doing it improperly during busy times.

Eggs need to be known how they’re cooked and charge 1.00 when alone.

Meat has choices of different meats. If it’s bacon we need to know how it’s cooked (medium, limp, burnt) and charge 1.00 when alone

If you get both total needs to be 1.50

Also tricky part is preventing them from removing one order tag and leaving discount on other. I honestly think the original idea of sub order tags will make samba perfect in order taking for complex menus and promotions.

That’s where the report expressions come in, removing or changing triggers recalculation of that discount…
Having seperate discounts for different offers keeps things segregated simplifying the calculations.
The same rule that makes the discount also updates it :slight_smile:

Sub orders idea have nothing to do with cooking instruction which you can trigger Ask Question if you don’t want waiter/ess to miss.

From your example, I would do
Menu Item: Buttermilk Pancakes
Portion: Plain 5,45, With 2 Eggs 6.75, With Meat 7,65, With 2 Eggs and Meat 8.65
Order tag or Ask question for Choice of Meat and Ask question for Cooking instruction for Meat and another one for Egg.