Best way to manage separate bill?

At the moment I solve the problem with a very “rustic” way… :slight_smile:
I simply add a free table to assign to single customers for separate bill. It’'s an aceptable solution for a smalla restarurant, but how to solve the issue with an “elegant” solution??

any idea?

If I understand you correctly, just select items you want to pay separately then click print bill (if the bill need). It work great for me. Don’t have to create another table or ticket. This work if you know exactly which items.

Why? You can just select items you want to pay and pay tem right there… and whatever is left will be paid by the next person… Please explain better your issue in order for us to help you best.

No need to transfer to another Table.

Highlight the Orders that you want separated, and click the Move button. Then click Close.

This will transfer the items to a new Ticket on the same Table. Now when you select the Table, you will see 2 Tickets listed for the same Table. Choose the Ticket that you want.

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I think about this, I’m searching for a solution that avoid the problem to remember the correct order to the correct person in billing process. Imagine a table of ten persaon, they ask me for a separate bill, if I dont’ separate the order in the first step at the finish I’ve a big order and I need to spent time to remember who order a specific item.

The method you suggerst me QMcKay it’s ok, It’s not really intuitive but better than have a table template with 10 fake table… :smile:

Thank you

I also saw the “Add ticket” function do the same thing…

Add ticket function is what you need to do, when you take the order, open table, add first persons orders, press add ticket to add a new ticket to the same table, add next persons orders, press add ticket, add the next persons orders. Carry on adding tickets until you have added all the orders, that will only work if you know that they all want to oay separately, if they dont tell you this under after they have eaten and have asked for the bill do what @qmckay suggested which does the same thing as ive described above but instead you do it after all the orders have been asded to separate them

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