Bi-lingual: Printing Ticket and kitchen order in different languages

In this part of the world our Customers and front desk staff is conversant with English but the kitchen staff is not, Customers would expect a receipt and ticket in English but the Kitchen staff can read only a regional language. Depending on the regional cuisine (this country has many :slight_smile: ) a restaurant is serving, it will have cooks from that region. So, if we could print just the kitchen order in a language other than the System language, it will help so much. Any way to customize this way? Understand this would mean uploading the translated product name strings.

You can use Custom Product Tags for this purpose, and define as many tags as you have languages.

You may have different language in Kitchen than on customer bill. You could even print all languages on kitchen ticket, and all on bill, or any combination you might dream up.


But for Order Tag (aka modifiers) only V5 have extra field to store second language.

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Order Tags and Product/Item Tags are both available in V4

My ticket printer prints local language characters through notepad on windows 7 but prints ??? When printing orders for the local (Hindi) tags set up as suggested. Tried changing the code page but no success. Any suggestions?

Try changing printer type to HTML.

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That worked well. Thank you.