BILL PRINTING sambapos v5

Hello we have sambapos v5 installed and the menu items are in two department bar and restaurant and would like the bill to print one bill containg items from these two departments coz currently the guy who set it up made the bill print idependently in each department so when one eats and drinks and request for a bill he will be brought two bills one containg the bar items and the other containg the restaurant items which is wrong we need the bill to be combined.

If it’s departments you can’t combine that. You should look at ticket types instead. Departments are there to separate it.

how should i go about the ticket types its so frustrating to print two bills.kindly guide me.

@MathiasMaghanga i have scenario where each department have different pricing for same products, so ticket type will not worked for us so what i do tag both tickets ex: hold then go to hold and combine/merge tickets which works well for me using few years