BITCOIN with amount

Hi All,

Playing with ways to include bitcoin payments in our cafe as I’m sure we will all have to accept it soon. just wondering if anyone had ideas on the best way to integrate?

adding a wallet address seems simple enough but require the servers to verify it’s been received which seem problematic.

was thinking it would be great to have a Wallet QR with the payment amount auto-generate on a screen or a ticket print for customers to scan?

also assuming that most places would prefer to tag bitcoin to a fiat currency rather than price their items in Bitcoin we would also need a live bitcoin exchange rate incorporated to ensure it works

also wondering if there is some way to run a check that funds have been deposited after the scan. usually, the fund transfer is pretty instant and just the Authorisation takes time, but an initial indication of success would be enough.

Keen to start a conversation on the matter so would love input…

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Not an area I’m particularly familier with. Who processes the transaction? A 3rd party site?

well thats the beauty of it really. Its totally decentralised so after creating the auto QR code the transaction happens between the two wallets and the entire bitcoin network ‘verifies’ the transaction. so no real third party as such.

some services that ‘host’ your wallet can provide API access or more payment features for integration but they essentially just represent one side. is probably the main one here for that

creating a list of preset reusable QR codes for every possible amount outcome could be made easily, but its also possible to create a QR code which links to your wallet, includes the amount and works only one time making verification easier

That’s all great but if you want verification you need to be able to communicate with whatever service is validating it.
Barcode part shouldnt be a problem, it’s the validating part.
How do you generate barcodes? Account number and amount I guess.
Samba can generate barcodes itself to an extent so they wouldn’t need to be static unless something unusual.
If reference can be incorporated could include ticket number or similar which could help with verification.

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We have partnership with Wamo . check it out.


how does the wamo partnership work? does it happen inside sambapoos? can’t see much about it. could be a good model as it seems much like the process we need and similar to how bitpay (a bitcoin payment system) works