Block Free or Gift for all Item

How to block user to give gift all anything item on 1 ticket sales, and permit give gift item for 1 or 2 item from all item on ticket?

Add a constraint to gift rule for order count greater than 1

I cant remember the exact printer tag for order count but thats what you need to add, it might be { ORDER COUNT } or it might just be { ORDERS }

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it make just 1 item can to give free.
How if we set on 1 ticket just 1 item can’t free.
How we set just a little Group Product can be give Gift.

What if you actually want to gift 3 items though? I think this is related to the void question you made. You should implement a logging feature instead of trying to block a feature. You can track employee’s use of Gift or Void and you can discipline or fire them based on your logs this will allow you to use the features how you need for your business but still track employee error.

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How to make Gift for just some Menu Product Group Code?

Change the Gift Rule.

Add Constraints like:

{GROUP CODE} Equals Drinks
{GROUP CODE} Equals Food
{GROUP CODE} Equals Merch

If the item is not in 1 of the above Groups, then the Rule will not fire.

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If Product Name, what is add Constraints code?

Probably {NAME} or {PRODUCT NAME} will work for Product Name.

They are Printer Tags. Look at Printer Template help …

I just to try. If constrait Match
{NAME} equal Meet Ball

I can’t give Gift Juice or Meet Ball.

Q’s example did show all using same type of constraint…
You would have to use all groups or all product name constraints to work like that.

The constraints default to Match, Match would be all constraints (thing if you have two of came type it would be at least one of each type.

Match any would not work as you need the command name AND one of these…

I would suggest you maybe add custom product tag and maybe use {ITEM TAG:Gift Allowed} not null and put any value in the Gift Allowed tag to make it not null.


Have two gift rules one with group constraints and one with name constraints…

Show us a screenshot of what you did.

Can’t Gift for Product Name “Bebek 70”

Don’t use both GROUP CODE and NAME together. Try using just NAME equals. or PRODUCT NAME


If you want to specify a selection of products using both name and group make two rules.

One with al names and one with all groups.
You can specify multiple constraints of same type with Matches option selected


Thank You, I just duplicate Gift Rule and use GROUP CODE dan second Gift Ruke use Name. Its Work