Block Tag format question

Hi all
So I am using this in my ask question format:

Do you wish to convert?\r<block 0,0,0,0 Red center 300>[=TN('{SETTING:Point Dollar}')*TN('{CALL:PointsCalc.ConvertPoints({ENTITY DATA:Customer:Points},{SETTING:Point Dollar})}')] Points to ${CALL:PointsCalc.ConvertPoints({ENTITY DATA:Customer:Points},{SETTING:Point Dollar})}</block>

The only issue I have is the block width in pixels. How do you determine the width?
Are you just suppose to guess until it looks correct or can you just use a default value? What happens when you move to a tablet will things just adjust accordingly?

Just hate the thought of hard coding anything.

PS: on a side note - how do you like the syntax work kendash :smiley:

Guess… :wink:

I wonder if the new precentege support for *, 1*, 2*, etc within the block tag would work for this?

Have you tried exchanging 300 with just * ?

Funny, will try “*” in the morning and report back. Way too long a xmas party to attempt anything useful!

We had ours on Friday. I attempted to read the forum on Saturday, but my head was a little too foggy to be of any real use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am going straight o the fridge to smash some “fish oil tablets” - apparently it can rebuild the brains cells :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so right now I wondering … “can you have too many fish oil tablets?”

I think 1 is too many for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Really… :cold_sweat: dont think i could cope with just the one, uck…

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