Blue Light Card - Discount help needed


I don’t really think it should be a paid module, because quite a lot of competitor POS solution I have seen has discount functionality built in which handles these types of discounts we are talking about.


But you could argue samba offers plent of things many charge extra for :wink: and unlike many samba is a one off rather than month type.
I was just saying that I would pay a small amount extra for it.


@GreatShakesBar have you sorted this yet?
Just woundering if the cards are scannable at all? Less a case of validating the card but a way to automate the discount process to prevent use for other transactions?


Stripe on the cards are blank. They have a 6 digit code on the front.

I haven’t got a solid implementation on this yet, but I haven’t been into the shop since the end of the 6 weeks holiday.

I could start to create one at home I suppose and make it as database file.

Have you had any thoughts?


Been given provisional goahead for signing up and offering blue lights discount.
Would prefer it if there was a way to swipe/scan the card to apply discount rather than a manual button.
Would imagine they have some form of api or system for validation, cant see apple etc offering the discount etc without some form of validation.
Not fussed about checking the card itself just automating the discount application process.


I only asked them about the card stripe never asked them about api.

Do you want me to reply to the email asking if they can do any api integration?


edit: the card doesn’t scan though, at minimum you would have to enter the 6 digit number. Mine creates an entity called that 6 digit number and puts a date in a date box and then every time an item is added to the till it increases their purchased items +1 if its taken away it -1. If they have 2 or more in their purchased items and the {date} equals today then it doesn’t give discount. As we only allow 2 reduced price drinks on the discount.

Its all miss mash atm though, nothing really works


I did form on email and got refereed to corporate so emailed them.
So there is nothing on the mag strip, so guess it must just be the member number, seems a little open to abuse especially given some of the big player participants.
Either way. Im just looking to make it automated so staff don’t use it as an easy bypass for our locals or loyalty system to save swiping their fobs and just pressing that discount since we were looking to offer a similar % discount as either loyalty (10% off food) or locals (10% drinks and 20% food).


I guess it is open to abuse. BUT most people who use the card are asked for their ID. Everyone who carries one has their service ID, or at worst a driving license with their name on so could have it so they have to Put the name in too? just as a 2 factor?

Edit: everyone knows their employee number, its a 4 digit through most services (apart from NHS)