Booking reataurant table at a later date

Just curious,

Would we need like an integrated calender to make table bookings for later date periods? And would it be possible so that when a booking is made on a specific table, at a specific time, the table which they want shows reserved and locked till date of reservation?

Im guessing if calender can be integrated, such as integrating outlook calender then the informatioj can be shown on table and pos booking widget.

If a table is reserved, it cannot be selected until the reservation is cancelled or a rescheduled to a later date. Then when time passes the scheduled time, the ticket can be opened snd order can be taken.

Im just curious. Please do not take this as i want someone to do the work for me, but just point me in a direction that i could use as a start

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This is quite old, and I’m sure we could make it work much better with new V5 features, but I believe this was the reason the Pre-Order flag was created…

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I had a look at that. Ive got some idea of it now. Ill try and see what i can achieve from that and post whst ive done so far. Theres many ways to implement this. Its just figuring out what the most simolest layout and automated method is. With power of v5, and integration, ill see what is possible. Thanks for that.

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BTW The google API module supports full Google Calender integration through scripting.

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Hey guys, I’ve had to bring this up again. As an update, I’ve managed to get the Simple reservation set up, and I’ve also managed to get a ticket lister for reserved tables, names and stuff. There is only one other thing I’d like help with here, and that is what expression would I need to use to add Reservation Date and time to the reserved ticket? What can I type in the Ticket List settings to view the date and time?

When selecting a table, and clicking reserve, I’d like the ability to insert a date and time of reservation before it actually changes the state to reserved…

Currently that is my rule for reserving ticket.

There are 2 thing I would like to achieve here.
Firstly the ability to reserve a ticket without actually selecting an item.
Second adding time and date of reservation.

I know I could add a ticket tag to store Ticket Reservation Date and Time, however I would like to be able to insert that information before it actually marks it as reserve.

Would I have to add another custom constraint or a new rule to achieve this?