Brackets don't work anymore

i just upgraded to v54… but now my kitchen screens look totally different
de bracket [ ] make my ticket tags disappear. When I remove them, there is an empty space
What has changed, and how do we get ride op those empty space?

with brackets

Show your template with the use of [brackets] - copy/paste it here (not screenshot). There were some changes to parsing/handling of brackets.

You might also consider using <br/> to dictate line-breaks since it “turns off” auto-newline.

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Hmm. I’ve recently changed it to search for numeric values to support expressions but as your printer tags does not returns numeric values it does not work for you. I’ll try to find a solution.

Can you show me how do you use brackets? Are you bracketing entire line?

<J><color blue><size 40>Tafel:{ENTITY NAME:Tafel}</size></color>
[<J><color blue><size 40>{ENTITY NAME:Personeel}</size></color>]
[<J><color green><b>{TICKET TAG:Tafel samen bedienen}</b></color>]

<J>{QUANTITY} x {ITEM TAG: KeukenNaam} |***geschrapt***

<J>{QUANTITY} x {ITEM TAG: KeukenNaam} 


[<J><size 30><color red>{GROUP KEY}</color></size>]

when there was no value, there was no empty line
thought it worked like that

OK so on next version (5.1.55) you’ll be able to define which tag you want SambaPOS to process as …

[<J><color blue><size 40>[{ENTITY NAME:Personeel}]</size></color>]

You’ll notice we have two brackets. Outer brackets defines which part to remove and inner bracket defines which tag we need to check to determine if line should be added or not.

Sorry for it but that change was really needed. I’ll try to release it asap.

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