Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Bar Menu


SambaPOS v4.1.57
MS SQL Express 2014
Admin password = 1234
Monitor Resolution = 1600x900

Use Database to learn how to configure Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Bar Menu.

Data Connection String:
Data Source=YourComputerName\SAMBAPOS; User Id=sa; Password=samba; Database=sambapos; (970.8 KB)

Have fun!!!

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Bar operations versus Restaurant operations

Just a suggestion but you can safely use Database Tools just to export the menu/products vs entire database. Its fairly safe for users to import a menu/products as it does not include rules or actions that can conflict with naming as everything is uniquely named already.

All you have to do is export those segments into a txt file using database tools and then add that to a zip file and upload it here. Users with Database Tools can then import that menu/products into their own database to play around with… they can simply delete it or revert their database to point before import.



I did not purchase the Database Tools yet and users that are testing might not have Database Tools.


I learn and test ur database, when close ticket to logout user, i go to Close Ticket Rule , not found logout user action, so u setting in where?



Not sure you need an explicit Logout, When I press Close, it closes the Ticket and logs out the user.


yes, it work fine to me, i only want to know where to setting logout user…


check if you have auto logout enabled


There are more than 1 rule that deals with ticket closings…

Before Ticket Closing
Ticket Closing
Ticket Closed


Hey Guys,

I have setup this database and have a quick question. I have been trying to figure it out but as yet havent been able to.

In the menu there are different types of items, the ones specifically in question are:

“Gin/Teq/Rum/Vodka/Scotch” & “Beer”

In the “Gin/Teq/Rum/Vodka/Scotch” there are numbers above the items themselves that come to represent the quantity. How was this achieved?

And in the “Beer” there is a keypad underneath that looks like it achieves the same result (setting the qty) how is this achieved?

Thanks in advance!


Look at your menu. Click on categories. That is small and large number pad settings.

Yours will have few less settings this is a newer future version. But look where I highlighted.


@kendash, will SambaPOS 5 have 2 versions? I saw the PRO thing in your post


I could be wrong but im guessing SambaPOS PRO is V5 and its just 1 version being referred to by 2 names

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