Building a web order interface for SambaPOS

Do we have an API or something similar that allow us to push items from a web interface into SambaPOS tickets, and, pull order details from SambaPOS to web interface?

In my recent research, I see that we have GraphQL to handle API stuff. However, the basic tutorials that emre shared with us went private.

May I ask for access permission please?

Same i couldnt access that link?

From what I understand they are about to release SambaPOS 6. Until that happens you won’t be able to access the API information as it is also being updated.

We released 5.50 which is the new sambapos.

Do you have any information in regards to documentation for gql for the new software? Or am I still missing it in the forum somewhere?

Hmm. All I’m interested in doing is fixing the customer display that I adapted from Quincy’s QmPoS and QxPoS setups. Updates have since killed its functionality.

To make sure I’m understanding this correctly - GraphQL was introduced in v5 and encouraged to adopt to fill in the gaps in functionality. And by the release of v5.5 that decision has changed?

I see GQL is still very alive in the software because bits and pieces can be seen, however we cannot utilize it on a licensee level?

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