Button doesnt appear correctly

I have a button called “X Read” that i am moving to the Accounts Screen however it doesnt display as it should do from the setup. I have the button mapped into the pos screen as below

but if i add this button to the Accounts screen the colour disappears and also the text wrapping doesnt not work and the button displays “X\rRead” instead - see below

Any way to solve?

What does the button do?

nothing yet, it will print but i havent set the print template up yet, i literally just added the button there. its set to execute print job (i cloned another template and called it X Read but havent amended it print template yet)

i dont even know if it will do what i want yet i havent had time to properly look at it, i want it to print;

total sales so far
total cash
total card
total discount etc

and a list of all products sold

The color of those buttons is dictated through Account Transaction Documents I am not sure if Automation Command Buttons formatting properties would transfer to that screen correctly. I could be wrong though.

i went to Accounts>Account Screens and selected my automation command from the box (X Read)

Thanks for reporting. It will appear fine on next update. (4.1.50)


Hey! I reported this a long time ago! :stuck_out_tongue:

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So it explains why I’ve already have it in my todo list :slight_smile:

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Nice… button colors are correct!