Button to change entity state

HI - by now I should know by now how to do this - but something else that I am struggling with :smile:

I want to create a button that changes the state of an entity ( table in this case) from available to Occupied

This is for when a customer is seated but has not yet placed an order. All I need is to change the colour of the entity so that we can see from the screen that there is someone at that table. I don’t need to change the ticket state or anything else, just the colour of the entity.

I did have this working but since adding the kitchen display this has stopped working. I’m sure it’s simple but need some help please :smile:



A bit of a challenge, but sorted.

Create a new Status called Occupied

Create an Automation Command for Table Occupied

Plus the good old Update Program Setting if you don’t have it

Table Occupied rule

Update New Ticket Creating Rule rule to reset Occupied

Update Update New Order Entity Color so it doesn’t change Table to New Orders

End result - Yellow Table indicates Occupied

HI @JohnS I have tried this - but I can’t appear to get it work. I’m not sure if the fact that I have a kitchen display setup from here Setup Courses - different serving areas on same order.. with entity screens
not sure if that makes the states etc different on my setup.

I have replicated everything as per your step by step but clicking on the ‘Occupied’ buton just closes the ticket with no action or change in entity colour.



John I think I’ve missed the case you are trying to handle but I think I just works by updating entity state. I’ve exported my setup.

OccupiedButton.zip (825 Bytes)

I tried importing after I had added Johns guide above. but clicking on close would not close the ticket, if I then went back to main menu and to POS then it showed the entity colour had changed.

I tried stripping out what I had added with Johns guide and then importing , but this time clicking ‘Occupied’ would just close the ticket without change.

Thanks as ever

OK. I’ve managed to fix that by adding two more constraints. However before implementing this I’ll recommend to wait for @JohnS’s response for getting his idea about that fix.

I’ve added Order Line Count check for these two rules to skip actions if there are no order lines inside ticket.

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all working @emre - thanks so much! I’m running out of ideas now :slight_smile: everything is all now as I need it

I didn’t realise that you were using Emre’s Kitchen Display which could explain you my solution didn’t work for you.

all working with the combination of yours and the couple of extra entries from emre - thanks for your help with this. Hopefully not many more questions now. Final testing today to make sure everything is doing what it should :slight_smile: thanks for all your help.

I followed everything you have said here and everything I work on samba 1.4.48.

But I need to find out how to get this:

when I click on “Table Occupied” I want to save the number of people in the ticket (obtained following this tutorial: Tracking Number of Persons and so A SIMPLE TICKET TAG) and some food that I add, however, that should not be sent to the kitchen until I do I click on Close.

How do I?

You can include Update Ticket Tag action in Table Occupied Rule to update Person Count. If you set tag parameter as [?Person Count] (? means ask here) operator can enter person count. You can see some samples here…

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Hi all, i have followed this guide and successfully added a reservation button which works great thank you!

my only question is how do i cancel the reservation?

What do you mean?
You like to cancel the ticket? Or just cancel the reservation tag?

@pizzaeilat4 customer calls me and asks me to reserve him a table, i reserve him a table and it goes yellow on the entity screen to show that it is reserved.

the customer calls me back and tells me he changes his mind, how can i remove the reservation from the table, and make the table available again ?

@pizzaeilat4 Cancel the ticket

In that case you just need to cancel the ticket

how do i do that, it does not give me the option to cancel ticket

can you show a screen shot of that ticket?

When you hit close bouton it’s not closing?
Please share your reserve table rule screen