Button to change entity state

when i hit reserve table, it will make table yellow.

now i want to find out how to un-do reserve for table.

I’ve copied your settings and when I add an item and void it it let me close the ticket

ok what u don’t understand is, i want to be able to cancel ticket without having to add an item.

Something is wrong with your settings I can help you more if you pm your db So i can check that

Are u sure its a problem with my db, could anybody help?

Well I check it with my test db and it works just fine

ok please provide a screen shot of cancel ticket button.

Your ticket state is set to new order means it created a ticket. You should constrain the Entity updated rule so it does not create a ticket. You can update entities outside of a ticket. You can create reserve and cancel reserve buttons.

@kendash thankyou, could you tell me a bit more in detail how i would be able to achieve a cancel reserve button.



I’m on my phone or I would. I will prepare something soon when I can take some screenshots. Probably tomorrow.

ok cool. appreciated!

@Jesse have you had a chance yet?


I have the same problem:
The customer that calls for reservation, wants to cancel it later. If I already have the Reservation made on let’s say Table M26, how can i “cancel it”?


You would make an auto command button and call it Cancel Reservation and map it so it only shows for your reservation state

Create an update ticket state action leaving the state blank, this will remove the reservation state leaving the ticket with no state or add reservation cancelled state so the ticket updates to that (better to set as variable then put the actual settings you want once you have added the action to the rule)

Create an execute automation command rule using the cancel reservation button created in first step

Add the update ticket state action and set the values, either leave the state blank or add reservation cancelled or something

Add the close ticket action

Now when you open a ticket with reservation state the cancel reservation button will be visible. Press it and the ticket state will update and the ticket will close

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Can you add 3 or 4 pictures with what are saying here ? Because Does not work for me, I am new to samba POS.



So I imported your file to my db.
Now I have The Occupied button, that it makes the Tables Occupied. (coloured)
How can I make the UN occupied ?
1.I created an Automation Command “Cancel Occupied”, and mapped visible to Occupied…don’t know if this should be like this or star *.
2.Created a State: “Cancel Occupied”, State type: Entity State.
3.In Actions: in Action type: Update Entity State, and the Parameters are: Entity Type Name - Tables, Entity State name - Cancel Occupied and Entity State - [:Cancel Occupied]
4.In Rules: Update Un Occupied State Rule, Event name - Automation.command.executed, added in the Constraint filed: Automation Command name equals Cancel Occupied.

And does not work…, it makes the table blue, not the colour that I want…any advice guys ?

Good morning,

What I am saying, it that: the occupied button works, but I need to be able to cancel the Occupied tables. a CANCEL OCCUPIED button.


You can set table’s state to Available to change it’s color to white.

Later Edit: OK. I’ve noticed I’m assuming you know how to update table’s state but don’t know what state you need to update. That is called Microsoft Support Assumption lol. To be more clear you don’t need Cancel Occupied state. On 4th step you can simply switch table’s state to Available. Available is a default state we use to display table’s in white color. However you need to configure Cancel Occupied button’s visible states carefully so operator can not change a really occupied table’s state to Available. I mean that button should appear only table’s state is Occupied. I think that’s why @JohnS used a separate state (Occupied) from default New Orders (orange) state.

This is how I did it.

Video youtube

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