Buttons Pictures Question

In SAMBAPOS 2 the button image set at left of the button and words, in SAMBAPOS 4 the image set at top of the bottom with down words, how to put the image on left, and how to use image only button.

To use image only remove text from the header column in product settings, however removing this will not allow the product to be searched for in the pos screen search

This has been changed in V5 with additional columns for each product to set images only and headers much better

You cant set the image to the left, it automatically sets the image in the button, this again has been improved in V5

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For pictures on buttons just put the file path of the image in the image column in product settings and ensure the header column is blank

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Works Perfect , Thanks.

Well, I think Im gona wait for V5,

Did you know if the Database gonna be compatible? Cause if not, I stop right know V4 configuration.

Yep it will be you upgrade just the same and your database will update to V5 so long as you have installed the last version of V4 first

There will be full instructions of how to upgrade plus a massive bank of resources, tutorials, screenshots etc of new features :slight_smile:

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