Buy licence for sambapos 5pro

Im from namibia…Any reseller available i need to buy licence for sambapos asap

Hi, I have replied to your PM

Ok well you asked me last night I told you this morning I would. It seems you asked a bunch of us and are impatient. I will let Mark help you. I don’t have time for that.

@Jesse thanks for the update. Yes I see the post now from 2 days ago, I didn’t check it was the same person and had replied the PM first.

SambaPOS V5 license is the same price from any reseller. Please do not contact multiple resellers asking for a price, this is just wasting our time. If this is so urgent, why have you not bought it 2 days ago?

Last night I told him I would sell him a license at the specific price via PM. I told him it would be this morning. He asked me early this morning before I was out of shower… I literally just responded to his PM with instructions and then I see this and find out he had PM’d others…

So it seems he PM’d a bunch of us. I personally stay away from clients like that… so Respectfully I will let one of you help him if he still needs it.

I didnt get yo message thats why i had to ask other people

Its ok I dont have any desire to work with people that impatient. I will let someone else help you.

Okay thanks no problem