Buy new License


As i saw your product have v5 and buy a license
Can i ask that how do i buy the product license?

annd did the application support multiple language like arabic?
Example : i hope english + Arabic words display in a screen together isnt possible to show that?

Your application are awesome which i want to buy the license
Please contact here or

Please assist


You can download and test v5 for free and add license later when ready. Its unrestricted trial for 500 tickets.

Yes multilanguage is supported it is a growing project and more languages will continue to be added by the community as we evolve the project and as more community gets involved.

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So can i pay extra for the modification based on your teams?
Beside i buy the license and i want to add small features to get this software for 200-300USD.
are your team possible to do that for me?
Can we have further discussion on it?

If possible let us char in skype now.


You can create an ad for professional setup support in our Ads forum category. We have a few members that operate companies that can help you.