Calculation Help

Im trying to create a calculation into a program setting.

[=TN('{SETTING:Weight}') * TN('{SETTING:Price}') /100]

I would like it to give me a result as 2 decimal places, how would I achieve this?



I just changedf {SETTING:Price} with 10 {SETTING:Weight} with 40 and it came out as 4 but as soon as i put {SETTING:Weight} back in only and it shows 0 again. so unsure how this is working

Edit: sorry, my bad, i havent done it yet but i see my Weight is set with g at the end. 90g… so its not calculating.

Can you elaborate the use case?
How are you setting and calling the setting values.

Sorry JTR I actually wokred it out, i had ‘90g’ as the value so the calculation couldnt work.

however, it threw up another issue which I have updated the post with. I need to display the result as 2 decimal places. At the moment if i set my Price a 1.00 and weight at 180g it gives me the result of £1.8


Wrap with format expression.

[=TN('{SETTING:Weight}') * TN('{SETTING:Price}') /100,0.00]

Like this you mean? It still gives £1.8


[=F(TN('{SETTING:Weight}') * TN('{SETTING:Price}') /100,'0.00')]

Fixed it, thanks JTR :smiley:

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