Calculation Tax

How so you differentiate which tax is applied on that specific item?

OK, let me give an example.

105 food Inc 5% tax
120 drink inc 20% tax
Tax total 25

50% off food offer so a discount of 52.50

This actually results in discount distributed accross the whole ticket and so both taxes reduced.
Tax total becomes something arround 18 tax

It should be
52.50 food Inc 5% (2.50)
120 drink inc 20% (20.00)
Total tax should be 22.50.

No you can’t specify that. Maybe a feature request for future.

The UK has a recovery program to support hospitality where gov is covering 50% of non alcohol for dine in up to £10 per head.
Since customer isn’t paying that amount they arnt paying the tax on that amount.
If it was a flat tax it would be easy and make calculation deduct tax, job done.
However they have also reduced tax on non alcohol for hospitality to 5% down from 20% meaning we now have dual tax rates for next 6 months (unusual for uk)
So in theory the discount needs to deduct kn value of food and soft drinks only - no problem, update fixed calculation with a report type expression for total of applicable products 50% up to £10, can do that.
However this discount if tax deducted too is split accross all products and in turn both tax bands…
Can make a visually correct vat figure display on receipt by hard coding tax with math calculation however accounts and reports will be incorrect.

You could probably do a custom calculation via script.

I can sort the 50% up to £10, however cannot control the tax beyond include or nkt for calculation, and discounting with tax discounts both taxes.

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I have not tried it but maybe you can use specific tax template in there. Ticket.Tax.Blah maybe? Maybe not I am not sure but its worth a shot to see if its possible.

Ooh, that looks interesting. Might be a cleaner solution for my overly complex ticket refresh automation for my loyalty discount calculations… hope it is what it looks like…

Any ideas of how you might see what makes up the Ticket object?
alg.showmessage works in that script so tried converting to json without luck,

var test = (Ticket.PSum + Ticket.PreSum - Ticket.Tax) * 0.08
var test2 = ‘test’
result = test

this shows message with ‘test’ and does calculation

var test = (Ticket.PSum + Ticket.PreSum - Ticket.Tax) * 0.08
var test2 = JSON.stringify(Ticket)
result = test

this does nothing, n message no calculation.

I really am not sure. I know its FluentScript and I am not sure how we can derive whats available in the object

Maybe try JSON.stringify(Ticket.[0])

Try var test = Ticket.Tax and see what it shows… if it shows it as a single number or what.

I might be missing something here, but wouldn’t an order base discount instead of the ticket one apply the right amount of tax for your food category mapped tax items?

Yes it would but that isnt as simple as it sounds. Its up to max of £10 per head not a flat rate discount.
Also its not an order level scheme, its not product specific beyond no alcohol, so should be a ticket level item.
The answer is going tl be to fudge it, exc tax from discount and just visually calculate tax on receipt.

isnt VAt due on the whole bill, then we claim the 59% back up to £10 per head ?

“” The service will close on 30 September.
You must wait 7 days from registration to make your first claim. HMRC will pay eligible claims within 5 working days.
You will be able to submit claims on a weekly basis.
You’ll still need to pay VAT based on the full amount of your customers’ bills.
Any money you receive through the scheme will be treated as taxable income.
HMRC will provide more guidance on how to make a claim when the registration service is open.
From Gov.UK

Indeed VAT is due on the full amount, but surely the customer able to reclaim the VAT for total bill since they didnt pay the full amount.

Either way with lack options otherwise we are going to take that approach and deduct the amount exc tax from net amount. Our VAT liability will be correct this way but not convinced the receipt VAT should show full value vat.
Since it is not actually required to provide a vat breakdown on amounts under 200 I think it is, if it becomes an issue we will remove the vat amount from the ticket template and let them decide how much they want to try and claim back if they do. LOL

I pushed the question to see if there was a solution I had missed.

I see. I am not sure how you setup your discounts but maybe a button and constraint on that button if -=Total Food / Pax/# of customers <= 10, apply 50% order based discount?

Oh never mind, I understand how its calculated now. And yes, that does sound tricky lol

Its fine, the value im happy to sort out with math, was the tax I was looking at.

For the tax, as I understand the rules, the 50% is reclaimed from GOV.UK, it is to be treated as income and businesses are expected to pay VAT on that income back to HMRC.
It would therefore follow that the portion paid by the customer would be the only amount on which the customer pays VAT.
IE - VAT on £10.00 plus VAT on any amount they spend on top of the discounted deal which is capped at £20.