Calculation Types - Include Order Tag Total

I have a request regarding Calculations and all their methods.

I would like to request an option to Include or Exclude Order Tag Totals from the calculations and their methods.

Reason why I am requesting this because its really difficult to mimic all possible scenarios when implementing different kind of Delivery Companies and account for all their fees and calculations.

I also find it odd that this feature of excluding order tag totals is hardcoded into Use Plain Sum option, for Rate from Ticket Amount methods exclusively.

Something along the line of this

Could this not be achived with report expression and fixed rate calculation updated with automation?

This won’t be possible. It is a ticket level calculation and there is not a relation to orders.

I am not sure which you are referring to because this one always just returns 0.

What do you mean? If Use Plain Total is selected it excludes order tag totals in Rate from Ticket Amount method, it excludes order tag totals.


Product price is 5$
Order Tag total is 1$

It will just rate from 5$.

That depends on how those are configured. It’s not looking at order tags. It’s looking at plain total.

There is no relation to orders for ticket calculations.

But Order Tags get added into the TICKET TOTAL right? Thats why I requested that it would be really nice feature if we can decide whether calculation included order tag totals.

To explain my use case, I have a highly customized cloud kitchen setup, they use over 10 different delivery companies. Each one of these companies has different promotions, commissions etc.

If they put a promo 10% discount on burgers on all platforms.

a) 10$ burger becomes 9$, however, any billable addons (order tags) are not included in the discount for delivery entity A.

b) 10$ burger becomes 9$, however, any billable addons (order tags) are included in the discount for delivery entity B.

So, this feature would basically help solve a lot of moving parts during maintenance and adjustments.

Also, I am probably using wrong but {TICKET ORDER TAG TOTAL EXP:(ODI=True)} doesnt return anything, I tried with order status and ODI expressions.

If a ticket calculation was connected to orders. Then it wouldn’t be a ticket calculation.

Fair enough, so, how can I use this or something similar to this? Does this work on your side?


I cant use OTT.<xyz> because there is over 70 of them and they are constantly added and modified.