Caller ID doesnt show second number


How do you find this number to enter in customer screen? You are busy now, no time and no info on the screen!


Anyway we can argue this all day but Sambapos does not support that. Maybe in v5 you could use tasks to make a list with device event as trigger but it wouldn’t be an Easy setup.


You ask them it…they tell you. I mean we don’t have to automate everything you can just speak to them.


to Emre und Mehmet you mean?


What? Why do they need to be involved I’m confused.

You ask your customer for their phone number.


Sambapos is working only with analague modem, correct?


You have no options in v4. In v5 you may be able to use tasks to build a list but I’m not sure, nobody ever needed that.


SambaPOS doesnt care about the type of line, its irreverent, its what devices are available…
You have an analoge caller id device on an analoge line right?


Normally Customers infos are stored in DB. But it is not coming on the screen to make an order, if sambapos is in use. Problem is how can identify the second customer :slight_smile:


You ask that customer and then you manually enter their info. That’s how

You answer phone and say “hello can I please get your name and phone number for your order.”


as i said the infos are stored in DB. The problem is: i dont see his number to call it back. Need to search it in phone screen. It takes time, but we dont have it at this time :slight_smile:

Maybe you can inform developper for next Version, its is really good function for users.
we need a call list or at least showing second number.


I wouldn’t call someone back honestly I don’t have time for that. just get a phone with caller ID.


“SambaPOS doesnt care about the type of line, its irreverent, its what devices are available…
You have an analoge caller id device on an analoge line right?”

Yes, analog caller id device on analog line…


You installed sambapos with ISDN line?


Even if samba had some form of call list I would question if the caller ID device is even capable of passing a second calls id.
As kendash said it may be posible in V5, in V4 even with request to dev team its depreciated. v5 may have possibility of a solution but cant confirm as no one has tried. Eve with a request to dev tem for v5 you woudnt get a plug and play caller list.


Next version has been out for 3 years now. V5 may be able to do a list with tasks like I said.


I’ll be honest I’ve never once heard of a restaurant calling ppl back because they are busy and couldn’t answer fast enough. if it was requested enough then emre would have supported it.


I dont think this would be possible, caller id devices ive seen are all analogue single line. Doubt there are many phones that directly support ISDN. ISDN typically feeds a switch/pbx which as I said before you could easilly adjust call flow to hold incoming calls in que rather than just push straight through to phone.


I see…

I will test version 5 only for this, if this is possible i change my version surely.


as kendash said it wouldn’t be straight forward but there is possible options vs v4