Camera Integration W/ Customer Feedback

Hey all,

Just got an idea I want to start implementing.

Allow customers to report their feedback on a touchscreen at the front desk. Then that feedback will show on the camera system integration that I got going on.

So say a customer has an order and one of your employees stupidly messes it up and the customer reports bad feedback. The boss not being there to see what is going on 24/7 could go in his camera system at the end of the day and search “Negative” and it would show him all of the Negative customer experiences. From there with audio, video, and transaction footage he can talk to the employee about his/her mistakes and make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. Like how awesome can this be for restaurant owners who want to manage without having to stay at the restaurant all of the time.

To start, I know I can design an html page that prints to a customer touch display when an order is payed. I want to design that html page to have 2 buttons, 1 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down. The user will touch one of them based on their experience at the restaurant.

Now where I am stuck at is getting this data onto the receipt that I will print back out to my camera system. @Jesse I know you know your scripting quite well, could there be a way for me to get that data from the html page back into samba so I can put it in a print template and print it out to the camera system?

Not sure if you don’t break any Privacy rules by doing this if the customer is not aware about it.

The feedback will clearly state its for the boss to review their bad experience. Also surveillance in a business you own is completely legal as long as you have a surveillance security sticker in which we all do.


Dont know how it works in other counties but in UK having CCTV requires you to display a notice saying CCTV in operation which I imagine is minimum in most countries.
Regarding privasy you obviously cant post CCTV video of facebook for something ike that but internally within the business you can obviously view etc.
Recording sound not to sure as basic cctv doesnt have sound but imagine is you add CCTV with sound to your notice…
So long as your not sharing the video etc to 3rd party and only for internal use.
Feedback wise if its just a thumb up or down and no customer details its anonymous and nothing that would stop you going back on CCTV to see who it was anyway.

This is possible if HTML displayed inside HTML Widget. I’ve added a demonstration here.

Is it possible to access SambaPOS from standalone Internet Explorer? Might be possible by developing some custom ActiveX or Silverlight controls but unfortunately there is no simple solution atm. When we release web api for SambaPOS any web app, html page, android apps, etc can access SambaPOS easily so we should wait that.

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I cant wait to get those new api’s you have coming. Cant begin to imagine how much we could do. I would love to eventually leave tablets on every table to track when an order is coming and customers rating their waitress with reports at the end of the day on which waitress is best.