Can I have users on the screen rather than a PIN login?

I’d like staff to be able to click their name with no password. So under the start logo, have a selection of names that staff can just click for faster entry. Is this possible?

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Not on standard configuration, you can use entities as a form on user tagging which I think kendash has done but his comments on that might be in V5 development discussions.
You might be able to use a custom entity screen to select user - meaning a single staff user is actually logged in but tickets are marked to a server through entity. Pretty sure custom entity screens is V4 feature :smile:
V5 has potential for this type of setup in a different method but cant go in to too much detail on open forum.

No. There is no way to bypass the Login Screen. For faster access, you can use Mag Cards (MSR) or similar.

Some people (@Jesse) have a universal Login code for all Users, then they control Orders, Tickets and other operations within SambaPOS using Employee Entities.


This could be done in V5 and i thought about it but then decided as i use swipe cards to login theres no point plus from a security point of view theres nothing to stop anyone logging in as someone else

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As suggested there are ways around it, at the end of the day it depends on your setup and what you gain from either route.
If you only had one terminal or didn’t care about logging who does what ticket you could just use single login and not use autologout so after every ticket samba is ready for next order. Depending on your setup that are things to be gained from user logging and security and trade offs in efficiency to accommodate security.
Easiest way to retain security and user logging is an automated login like MSR, RFID or barcode to enter pin automatically.
If security isn’t an issue (which user buttons wouldn’t be) you may also most as well disable the autologout and leave samba open and ready at all times and you could put confirm with admin pin on no sale to protect the cash draw as basic security.

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So in V5 we’ll be able to use swipe cards to log in?

Also what about RFID? Could we use those?

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You can use MSR or RFID in v4!
These type of devices just act as a keyboard inputting the code virtually instantly.
If you search you’ll find a post where I shared links to the RFID readers I used last, less than £10 on ebay.


I use msr to login employees and to assign customers and employees to ticket and auto assign discount. Its really quick just swipe card to assign customer and if they are setup to get a discount based on ticket total it will automatically apply discount too

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That’s great! The only thing is, I want to give points based on customer spend, rather than discount. Is that possible with entities?


Yes, you use Entities to track points…

There is no way around the Login Screen. It cannot be bypassed, and you cannot alter it to contain Employee buttons. A user must Login to access the system, but as suggested it can be a “universal login PIN” that everyone uses. After that, you can do many things with (Employee) Entities to control and/or restrict their operations.

Sorry thats what I was infering, that there are ways around a user logging in each time but retaining some form of user tagging.

Thanks for your answers everyone :slight_smile: