Can I unselect a customer using action?

I need your advices about how to unselect a customer in a ticket using SambaPOS action and rule.

Update ticket entity to null?

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try now.

It works! Thank you so much!

By null it is implied as empty/no value rather than null.
That presumeably just can’t find an entity with null in search.
I’d use entity name rather than search

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I see, so it’s a lucky shot. I tried to leave it blank but not work. So, I got an idea, I’ll put a very long random string. It’ll solve the issue temporary.

Would you please show me how to use entity name properly in this case?

Its another field in that action isnt it?

Did you mean this field? Actually, I really don’t understand the purpose of this field. It feels like the all actions will work just fine with or without it for me.


Up to you.
Entity name would need direct use this one, search would be a search presumeably of the displayed format of name ie inc tel number for caller id.
Hence probably why empty didnt work at first as empty search would work differently to changed entity to null/nothing.