Can i use a handheld barcode device to add products to main till?

Hi all, firstly i would like to thank Emre and the samba community for there hard work.

i would like to find out if i can use a handheld barcode device (motorola Symbol) to easily scan products and add them to samba pos.

thank you

A barcode scanner will not speed up the entry of new products into SambaPOS as you still need to type the name, group and prices.

It will speed up the sales.

hi @JohnS, thanks for your response.

yes i understand, but its more easier for me to walk around the store and go to the products rather than carrying all the products to the main till and adding them there.

if there is a way, your help will be much appreciated.

thank you very much.

Can’t be done. If your not near a terminal, how are you going to enter the product details ?

For this situation I use either a laptop or an iPad and barcode scanner.

i think you have got things confused, i will be using a motorola symbol handheld barcode device.

the handheld device does have a keyboard.
below is a link of what the device is and looks like.


Well that makes more sense. You didn’t say it was a PDA.
You can use RDP to connect to SambaPOS, but the screen on the scanner is too small to be practical to use.

In this case I would use an iPad and barcode scanner.

sorry for confusing you, do you know of any barcode scanners that you could recommend to use with samba pos on iPad.


thank you very much!