Can not Enable Training mode

Not sure if anyone else have come across following issue.
Just updated to V4.1.29 and installed Database tools. can not enable Training mode for some reason… Import and Export option works fine.

Remove database name:

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Dear @Isaac, we learned that in the hard way, jajajajajajajajaj!!!

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@Isaac, I don’t have the Database Backup option as I have not installed the module.

@gerlandog, yea nearly drove me crazy, funny thing is we dont use it much, but its like a car you want it to run perfectly. Especially if it the Bugatti of POS systems.

@Morshed1, We might need @Emre feedback on this?

But do you get any errors, whats happening?

I think that the training mode only works with SQL databases, and not with SQL CE databases… is that correct?


@gerlandog, I think you right, I’m running CE database. Previously when I was testing the feature I had SQL database configured and it was working.

@Isaac, no error messages displayed.

That makes perfect sense @gerlandog

Great guess @gerlandog. Since CE is a single user database training mode can be achieved easily with a backup and restore. (or a copy paste)