Can not log in to sambamarket portal ....?

hello today I just want to try to test and login to my account at to check my license because my pos on my computer become unregister …
unfortunately I can not login it say user inactive , I try to reset password but still can not login.
@Tayfun help check and tell me please …

Do you know who your reseller is? Your reseller should be able to login to his panel and reset your license for you.

When did you buy you licence?
If it was on samba market before CP was launched you need to use your username not you email address.

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I buy this license long time ago since samba market (with version 5.1…) and now samba update to and then I can not log in to my account.

Be sure to login with your USERNAME from when you setup samba market account NOT email address as not used by cpannel. They will accept both in login but depends on when you bought your licence.


I forgot my user name remember only my email and password …so how to ?

Msg Tayfun he will have to assist.

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@Tayfun please help me…now POS machine running in trial mode …I love samba very much but I feel not confidence when it become like that.

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@KarKVeiChhuy please send your registered email to and explain the problem shorthly.

yes thnak you I sent ready