Can not print any thing

Hello, could you help me again, I have some troubles with printing jobs. When I click “Imprimir cuenta” (Print Bill Automation command) it does nothing, just close the ticket screen and goes back to the tables layout.

I’m trying to use a PDF printer in order to have a visibility of the final ticket with out a physical printer

I’ve also tryed with a HP Officejet J3600 Series, but nothing happens. I’m ussing Windows 7 64b

Also show your Print Job and the Rule for the button.

The button will not do anything without a Rule, and that Rule needs a Default Mapping.

Print Job


Print Job name was changed but not in the action. Action still says Print Bill. Your print job you showed is not named Print Bill.

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Thanks a lot!!! Problem solved

I’m new exploring SAMBA

I think is a great option!!!

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@Jesse is correct.

Your Print Job has the name: Imprimir Cuenta
Your Action is trying to fire the Print Job named: Print Bill

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