Can someone tell me how the set up the action for send Email

Send Email Action.

I am stuck with the error “The parameter addresses cannot be an empty string”.

Can you show your rule? It should be {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Email} if your trying to email customers.

ok, Now I just try to test out the feature with fixed Email Address, but could not receive any mails. Every time getting the error “The operation is timed out”.

any idea why this error coming up again and again. Is it a network issue or some other problem.

need more information like what email service your using… if you have your email SMTP, POP or IMAP setup correctly…

Some webmail needs to be configured to work outside of the browser. Gmail you have to turn on pop and imap support for example.

More than likely its having trouble logging into your smtp server to send the email.

Please find the screenshot for action

I am using gmail service here.
In my gmail account IMAP is enabled. Please tell me, apart from enabling the IMAP what configuration needs to be done.

Make sure GMAIL is setup correctly.

 Gmail SMTP user name: Your full Gmail address (e.g.
 Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password 
 Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587 
  Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465  
 Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

Also you might try enabling the Bypass SSL errors

Fill in all the fields as shown in the screenshot and it will work
All fields must be defined

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Dear All,

Can you help me with the Email Message?
I want every time the payment is made i will received a notification email with full Ticket content and payment method.


Can this be set to email a customer their receipt instead of printing it?

Yes it could. Its not as simple as just using this action you would need to define a behavior… obviously you would not want it to email EVERY customer. And the ones it does email you may or may not want a printed receipt.