Can v5 process an oder for stock

can v5 process an oder for stock

can you elaborate? what do you mean process?
Tell you what to order?
Read the invoice of incoming order to input inventory?..
Phone your supplier LOL :stuck_out_tongue:
Please give as much detail as you can with your questions if you want usefulll responces…


I think it is like a re-order report. So in inventory if we have a function of minimum quantity field, once the inventory item goes below that amount a report can tell us we need to re order that inventory item

You should be able to create that report, i have an automation setup whereby if an item stock level is less than 5 a popup appears on screen with a low stock volume warning

You should be abke to use the same expression in a report to list all products where their level is less than a set value

Thanks Rick. Can you send me the expression please?