Can we change menu price according to login


I need to change menu price according to login

1 sugar $20.00 ------------- supplier level
1 sugar $25.00 ------------ normal shop user

And both are connect with inventory and need to bar scanner for sugar only

Please help me to fix this issue.
Respect your response

Gokul Hirani

Do you mean based on the login to the POS by staff (i.e. the PIN number you use)? Or based on the customer entity you select? I believe if you are charging different prices based on who is purchasing the items, you would be using customer entities for that.

You can set a customer type (normal / supplier) using a custom field on the customer entity.

Create a Price Definition for your Supplier price (your normal price would be the default price).

Set your prices via Price List Editor.

Create Action Change Price List

Create Rule Change Supplier Prices

Now when you select a Customer on a Ticket, and if the CustomerType is Supplier, the Price List will change for all orders on the ticket.


Hi @markjw

I try to integrate as you suggest but I not reflect

still same price

please help me to fix it

Add a display message or ask question after the change price list to check the rule is firing.

what do you mean?
I can not understand

Add a ask question action with just question of TEST and OK button and put it in the rule after the change price list action.
That will give you a visible sign that the rule is firing.
If it shows the test message it means the rule is firing but something wrong further down the flow.
If it doesn’t show it tells you that problem is more likely your rule constraints.
Add the ask question and let know if the shows or not.

You Custom Entity Data Field is called CustomType.

You Rule Constraint is checking the data for a field called CustomerType.

See the difference?


Change your Rule Constraint to:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:CustomType} Equals Supplier


Thanks @QMcKay

one problem is
if I am choosing normal customer then it also apply suppler