Can we Close Ticket from Entity Search Grid?

With only Entity attached to ticket (Customer Selected) can we issue a “Close Ticket” action to close the Ticket?
I am trying to Navigate from the Search Grid BUT it will fail if a Ticket is open.

I have also tried to Nav back to POS in Automation and issue a “Close Ticket” action but that is ineffective.
If I go back to Pos - simply click “Close” then go back to Select Entity (Custom Search Grid) I can then Navigate?

Ok @emre

I will try to describe this more clearly:

Can this be done?

I think you can’t because rules executed on this screen does not have reference to a ticket.

Thank you for confirming that @emre.

I guess the other option would be to create my own [Select Customer] button on the POS screen and CLOSE TICKET there before Navigation to the Search Grid correct?

As I noticed during DEBUG no automation is displayed when I used the native Select Customer.