Can We Select Age of customer before we order?

Hello everyone, I’m using sambaPOSV5. I want to ask some question related Age, Can we select age of customer before we order the food ?

Hello you can follow the subject

I’ll show you screenshots of my final configuration of this including reports later tonight

This is fairly complex so, from initial pos screen add an item that has an item tag flagged as Y for age restricted, give a prompt on screen for the cashier to decide what to do next:

Add Age Restricted Item

In UK we operate a Challenge 25 policy, legal age to drink is 18 but if you dont look 25 you have to provide ID that you are over 18. So 3 options:

  1. ID Check not required - Customer is clearly over 25 so no need to ask for ID
  2. Refuse Sale No ID - Customer has no ID to prove their age; pressing this cancels the transaction and logs the cashier out
  3. Enter Challenge 25 Check - Using the ID they supply (specific government approved ID) the cashier is then prompted to enter the details of that ID including Date of Birth, to which the POS will either accept or reject based on a DOB being entered for someone of 18 years or older. If its under 18 transaction is cancelled, over 18 the transaction can go ahead.

Select ID Type Seen

Enter Details from that ID

All Details recorded at tickets tags

Now we have also created a report, for each of the three options, so when this sale was processed we have a record of us proactively checking customer ID if we ever needed to prove our due diligence to the authorities etc

Same for if the other options are selected