Can we set the column width?

Can we set the width of the column in reports?

Can we center the text in columns instead of just left and right?

The column widths are set via percentage. If you want them bigger play with the settings in your header.



the 1,2,2,3 is your column width %

i want them smaller so i had

[Cash Value:1,1]

if i do [Cash Value:0.5,1] the first column reduces to where i want, but if i then reduce the second column to 0.5 so i have [Cash Value:0.5,0.5] both column revert to original size

Its a percentage so if you set both to same it will be same based on your report width. Instead of making them smaller… make your report width smaller.

Report Width = Page Size

Brill thats working :slight_smile:

is there a way to center the text in the columns instead of just left and right?

I do not recall seeing anything about centering the text. I will dig a little on forum.

cheers, i couldnt see anything, i saw the bit about adding a space to make the text go left or right but thats all i could find

I do believe that is the only options we have currently.

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