Can you Add a float value and cash up?

I am sure you can build your accounting to do that and use actions/rules/automation commands for the execution of it.You could use Screens and the print function to get your reads. I may attempt this in near future its something ive been thinking about myself.

I am brainstorming it right now and I am thinking a popup at start of day to trigger the float value…using actions and rules to create the documents and transactions into the accounting, and then an On work period end rule to print your reads…

Or use some automation buttons right on the POS screen to trigger it all and print it similar to how many POS systems work today.

I will work on this it sounds very doable.

Give me a scenario of how you would like to use it and I will try and build it.

Hi Kendash

Id like to open a work period and then be prompted to enter the float value

Have an x read button to print out the running total sales throughout the day whenever the button is pressed with a break down of temder types

Some sort of cash up system so that incan enter the value of each denomination so the system will tell me if the drawer is short/over taking into account the float value

Then a z read button to finalise and close the cash drawer printing a small report through ticket printer of overall tender totals and overall short or over (possibly with the addition of printing a list of products sold that day with quantities)

Thanks for your help anything you can do will be great


@RickH, what you’re asking for is indeed possible, but it’s a tall order.

You should look at the Tutorials for Payouts and Expenses done by both myself and @Jesse, and become familiar with the Accounting System in SambaPOS, then tailor it to your needs.

The original Tutorial is simple, and gets you started with adding Cash to float.

Then we have mine (Method Q) for Payouts and Expenses.

And @Jesse continued even further (Method K).

Brill cheers I’ll look through these


Hi I know its probably not an easy task but if you do manage to do this it would be brilliant and would be very grateful if you created a tutorial, as much as im playing about with things i just dont have the knowledge to do what I want. This seems to be something quite vital that a POS system should have and would really improve sambaPOS even further!

Another user posted a similar request: Enter Begin Cash and Reconcile Cash Drawer

This is similar to what id like as a cashing up screen with the addition of the total cash figure, total card figure, total voucher figure etc pulled from sambaPOS so that when the actual quantities we have are entered into the table theres a calculation of short/over or no difference

If anything does get developed this was be an amazing addition to this POS :slight_smile:

What your asking is certainly possible and I will probably do it… but it will take some time as its rather complex. I will probably do a tutorial but don’t expect a write up anytime soon. I will probably have it setup well before I do a tutorial however and I can easily just create a Database Tools Import file and share that.

Just for a reference… I have only used/been exposed to the Samba system for a couple months… don’t even think its been two months actually. I only say that because if you really study it and read all the resources, even if you don’t plan on using that resource in your system, it goes a long way for you unlocking the power of SambaPOS for your business. Also its very easy to learn. I am not a programmer, I do learn quick, but my point is SambaPOS will work so much better for you if you learn it through trial and error.

It will make it just that much better of a tool for you to run your business if you know it inside and out. This is why I personally do not mind helping people but I am against offering these sorts of setups as a paid “No Involvement” solution. (I know that was not the point you were making but I just thought I would share my view on it)


The reasons i mentioned above are what attracts me to SambaPOS, not because it is free… If I was looking for a system that I could just buy or install and it be setup for me… I would seek out a service provider that can do it for me. And possibly in the future there might be some people that offer a service to help setup SambaPOS for a customer. But I would be disappointed if SambaPOS itself started to steer towards this system.

This is just my opinion its not meant to degrade anyone that’s seeking help with SambaPOS but I do feel that several people look at SambaPOS solution the wrong way and are actually wanting/seeking a more personalized pay for POS setup without having to pay anything which Samba is not and I hope wont become.

Did not mean to hijack your thread with these opinions very sorry if I did. But it opened up the opportunity for me to share my opinion.


I just completed the order setup of Sambapos4 and now I am studying the accounting.
I am confused why that made so complicated, below is my opinion.
The simple accounting is easy, that comes in two parts.
1./ Balance sheet
[Fix assets(debit), Current assets(debit), Liabilities(credit)] = [Capital(credit) + (p/L from p/l account)]
2./ Prefit & Loss Account
[Sales(credit), Cost of Sales(debit)] - [Expense(debit)] = P/L
Simply have a function to make transaction between accounts (secletable) and print out a voucher with numbers
On the account’s screen, selectable accounts can be calculated together then can be printed
Then a clear account information will be shown up, and this is a true accounting format.

The accounting is actually not complicated it is very watered down. Transactions and Documents are used to move amounts through the accounting.

It is very simple and easy to understand. What hangs people up is they try to look at it like Credit Cards and Debit carts… etc.

Another point I will make is the accounting in Samba is not hard coded… you can develop your own accounting if you understand it enough. This is what I like the most about it. It is also what confuses so many people. They feel it should be done a specific way because thats what they are used too… well truth is you could probably make it function that way if you wanted too and knew how too.

EDIT: Many people also confuse the difference between Accounting and Accounting Reports those are two different things and both serve a great purpose and both are realized in SambaPOS.

@3WAYNE8 you will find the more you study it the less complicated it truly is. It is really basic basic accounting.

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I am sure most of people are going a complicated as well a wrong way.
They try to get so many reports by SQL, and do so may single transaction between accounts.
The Balance sheet & P/L accounts pages system runs almost 60 years and used by accounting people all the world as well it shows everything you need.

Why in Sambapos4, we forget the most simple way, maybe it is there but I am still studying.
Just two simple steps:
1./ The transaction for both sides of accounts can be selectable (based on the one side you chose debit then the other size must be credit
2./ On the accounts screen have a function to show the calculate the value between accounts.
I worked the accounting for my two companies for 20 years, but I am new in Sambapos, hope can find the way to make it.

Thanks a lot, Kendash

I think you are confusing Reports with Actual Accounting. A Profit and Loss statement is not accounting it is a report pulled from actual accounting…I could build a P&L report that pulls data from SambaPOS accounting quite easily without using any SQL through the Custom Reports Module.

We are here to help. I think what would fit you the best is to share with us what you need and we can help you realize this.

Thank you so much.
Is there any method to make a transaction for multi selectable accounts (based on the one side you chose debit then the other size must be credit?
Regars, Wayne

I am confused. What are you trying to do? Why do you want Multi selectable Accounts?

Wayne… I’m confused too and I’m sure you can’t believe such an obvious question confused us…

It is better if we can talk about things we can’t do by using current accounting features because it is too hard to guess at what point it fails for you and tell something that can be a solution.

However I’ll try to do that.

Instead of creating a generic account transaction document that works like accountants uses I’ve decided to create document templating system. In a restaurant business there are few combinations for source / target (left side / right side) accounts…

so we configure a transaction documents as follows…

We have a Wage Payment document. The source account will be Cash and the target account will be an account from Personnel Accounts Type.

When you need to pay wages you create a Wage Payment Document and a screen something like that appears.

On account column we have personnel accounts listed. You’ll only enter amounts and click create button to complete Wage Payment operation. There is no need to select something. We know where we pay wages from so it is pre-defined. Entering an amount next to an account means selection of the account for the other side.

There are more options to make account transactions but it will be better if you give us more details about what you need.

Hello gentlemans,
Sorry to have to keep you guys trouble.
I am not asking for anything, just want to give my opinion if we can have a free entry format, what the accounting people called a Entry Voucher.
We just need a the date or maybe with a number then debit a selectable account and credit another selectable account so we can handle all the accounting job.

Instead of using Vouchers as you say it we use Transaction Documents and it is fully customizable how you want those transactions to be entered. I guess you could call the Transaction documents the vouchers.

Hey Kendash - if you do build some sort of tutorials for the 'Cash Up" please keep me in the loop as I would be keen to review. I have used & implemented quite a few POS systems and they all have the type of screen described by Rick. Operators need to know the start balance, closing balance and balance during a shift change (but I assume everybody knows this).

I agree the method of build would be important to understand as the issue becomes each country has different denominations i.e. Quarter in USA, 20 cents in Aust. etc. Knowing how to build it will overcome multi currency denominations.

Thanks, Kendash,
I try to set up the Transaction Document and almost done.
But my opinion, at the entry format with free selectable multi accounts would be simpler.
It no need to have the account types cause every account has its owns rules, and no need to have the transaction types too.
One free hand entry can do everything…Anyway, forget it. You guys really did a good job.

By the way, what kind of documents Sambapos can provide to CPA for the year end?
and for the next next accounting year, how to do the year end cosed?

Best Regards, Wayne

I believe @rickh has a working system maybe he would share it?