Can you departmentalize classic Work Period Report?

Calling all gurus!

Just putting it out there as I may need to have a nervous breakdown? Can you produce Reports like say “Work Period” Report by Department? There is a hell of a lot of REPORT Tags used…

My departments are shaped liked warehouses so Item & Stock Reports I think are doable. Obviously when a department can be “contracted out” as the case in many of my venues the Cash Flow side of things (Work Period) will need to be separated.

If using report viewer it shows them by work period and yes you can show department etc.

Sorry @Jesse - I don’t understand what you mean? This is the classic report and all values include Tickets from all departments. So can I edit all REPORT TAGS? Do all the Tags support department - which is my fear :worried:

Have you try DE expression? (DE=YourDepartmentName) I guess :wink:

So we are suggesting that (DE=Pro Shop) would work for most of these Tags?

Need you to confirm :smile:
You will figure it out. You just need someone to talk to :stuck_out_tongue:

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:laughing: Are you are a beauty! @sukasem Nice one AND you are very correct…

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Well 1st attempt: FAIL!

Try it with {REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(DE=Pro Shop)}
It works with Report Ticket Total for me.

DO you mean TICKET TYPE? Anyway both did not work. I wonder if there is a correct way to specify Department?

Do you use different ticket type for each department?

Ok you are quite right had a type in the TICKET TOTAL - so “DE” does not work with TICKET TYPE so I can get my first block “Sales by Department”?

No same Ticket Type - umm see what you are about to say…

Naa that’s wrong as the link you attached clearly says "REPORT TICKET" and had DE in the block of supported Expressions.

Maybe you should LOL. I should show Sales by ticket type by default.

I just playing with report a week ago. :slightly_smiling:

Yea but my system is so clean not having such work arounds :disappointed:
Here is the extract below - tell me I am reading it wrong? Could be another “wood from the trees thingy”?

Who is to say “TY=” will work…

Same Ticket used for all Departments - no reason to change format.

Some of the syntax in default WP report sample is specific tags with few options. You may need to rework several of them using other tags to get it to work how you want. REPORT TICKET TYPES is one of those it was not even in existence when custom reporting came around. I mean custom reports documentation you linked was before that syntax existed.

When Emre converted from hard coded WP report to custom reports he had to make some new tags to get it working properly. You may need to experiment.

Ok kendash so you are saying I am not going crazy and that: {REPORT TICKET TYPES:(DE=Pro Shop)}
Should work?

I’m saying it probably won’t work. That is a specific tag. You can use other report tags to get that same report and fine tune it.

Custom reports and the documentation you linked came out way before WP report was a custom report. That tag was not part of that documentation at the time.

Sorry must be late/early for you but can you use the PROMPT syntax in a Report say to get Department? Or is it best to use Automation and set a SETTING to or another variable - variable is obviously the key…

I guess @sukasem suggestion to use another Ticket Type could be a work around.

That expression works with REPORT TICKET DETAILS and other REPORT TICKET tags as its documented. You can get your sales using them.

REPORT TICKET TYPES is not the only syntax to produce sales like that. You should be able to reproduce it with ticket details and some parameters along with the DE expression.

What exactly you want to show on report? It work on REPORT TICKET TOTAL. What else do you want to show?

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