Can you help me to confirm my basic installation process steps?

I just want to confirm if there is something missing before I continue to Install SAMBA POS V5.

  1. I updated .NET FRAMEWORK 4.8 (Because I am in a Windows 10 Device 64Bit) and it already has it.
  2. I installed SQL Server 2019 Express Edition (Because I will work with Multiple Devices)
  3. I Installed SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)

I want to know if there are any steps (Extra or recommended) I have missed. Next I will Install Samba POS V5?

  1. If there aren’t any steps missed or recommended I will Install SAMBA POS V5. From

This link starts download for SambaSetup530 is this the correct version?
Thank you

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Hi. Settings firewall? Message services? Can i help you?

You are missing a few steps for the overall setup. Those can be found here:

They are the firewall setup, ensuring tcpip port is set at 1433 for SQL Server,

Remember with windows 10 you do not need to worry about .net it includes it.

Also since you are in the USA you will need to install a newer version of SambaPOS that is not released yet. 5.3.2 however we have a Beta version available 5.3.1 that includes the International Bancard integration files you will need. I promoted your account so you can see that forum category.

If you are in a hurry to launch a client then you can use the Beta. If you have time to wait a bit you can wait for 5.3.2 to release as it will be the non beta final release that includes the IB integration.

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SSMS is not something you should put on a clients terminal. You can install it on your laptop and use it to connect to the SQL server for troubleshooting. HOwever ssms is not a program for the end user it is literally for you only so you can connected to their database and do routine maintenance or troubleshoot issues. It does not have to be on the client terminal for you to use it to connect to their database though.

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I’m guessing you’re saying this for card integration specifically. :wink: Obviously any installation should work for standard setups.

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Yes they are a new reseller for USA and are reselling the IB card processing.

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I would disagree - I put on client’s system for all multi terminal setups because if you ever need to deal with any database issues remotely, you need it. It can save you a lot of hassle from trying to do things via sql command line, etc. Accessing from a laptop is only good if you are physically there.


That is a good point. I think I was mostly trying to stress that mssms is not required to run and you would not put it on each terminal. Just the server would be enough.


Yeah, as far as setup goes, SSMS is the most simple - run the installer and that’s it. But yes important to stress for anyone not familiar, it only needs to go on the server system where SQL Express is also installed.

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Thank you! I would be installing SSMS on clients main terminal then.

No. No es necesario Camila. Suficiente para el servidor.