Cancel payments via GQL API

It seems that modules and addons are not loaded by the service.

Is there a way to cancel payments via GQL? Or will it have to be done via SQL?

There is not a cancel payments via gql. That is a very obstructive action as it deletes data.

I didn’t think so, but I was hoping the cancel payments action would be available to use when executed by the API.

Oh, well. SQL it is.


I have no idea if it would work but would it be possible to call an Execute Automation Command?
(I haven’t figured out how to execute automation commands with Command Values through GQL)
Something like:

you can do it with gql. but you must use rules and actions.

Actions found in add-ons and modules are not available via the API as the service doesn’t load them.

As for automation commands via GQL I mostly use them on terminal tickets. I think the notify mutation is what you want to use but I haven’t really tried it yet.

no, you can’t

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notify mutation doesnot work 5.3.2 and later. i used gql for cancel payment before.

Cancel payments doesn’t exist in gql. Your not actually using gql. Your using automation. But yes I understand what you are saying.

I know not there is not a command cancel payment in gql but can do with alternative methods. for example i sent brocoast message with ticket id. Ex: CP-12313 end i set a rule when message received. and added needed actions in this rule.

still using 5.3 so it’s not a concern

Broadcast message and notify event will allow terminals to execute the automation. However, any actions found in the add-ons or modules will not be run if one executes automation command on a terminal ticket. THey can only be used in the desktop client. The service only loads the payment module.

If, say, a pre-order is cancelled outside of business hours I need to ensure that the ticket is cancelled without relying on a terminal being up and running or relying on user input.

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